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Please see the different genre pages to get a full idea of the range of design Roslyn is capable of, but please keep in mind that every design has been custom ordered based on the authors story and specifications.

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Roslyn is an amazing artist. That’s not her best contribution to the cover design process though! With so many cover designers out there, they give you the cover they want to give you and then are all offended when you tell them it doesn’t match with YOUR project.
Roslyn and I have worked together to develop four different book covers so far. All have had great outcomes. One in particular is an example of why Roslyn is the best in the biz. When working on the cover for Paradigm Lost: Eros Times, we invested a lot of time on one particular image, working and reworking it, trying to get it right. In the end I had her find another base image to work with. Of course she was disappointed. So was I. BUT, she understood and got on it. We worked another image into that cover and it’s an incredible improvement over what we discarded. Yet that is still NOT the reason why I think of her as the best.
One of the most important elements of any cover is the back-cover text. Once the front cover catches the wandering eye, you’ve got a very limited space on the back to draw the potential reader in. Always, I’ve sent Roslyn the base text that I think works best to describe my book. Each and every time she has been able to massage and rework it into something that is so much better than I could have developed on my own. She does this by asking questions. Offering rewrites of the base text. And, most importantly, she LISTENS to the author.
If you’re looking for a cover designer for your upcoming project, you’ll be challenged to find anyone else who will work with your deadlines, sit for long hours in back and forth in the creation process, and then, in the end, still be able and willing to make the persnickety final adjustments as the book is headed to the press.
Consider that of two prior attempts to find a cover artist, each of those two told me that they’d be happy to work with me. Each agreed to a timeline for the project. Then each was completely offended when I wanted to hold them to that timeline! One went so far as to tell me “You need to understand that cover artists aren’t just there for you. We have other clients as well. I’ll get your project done when I have the time.”
For all of these reasons and more, I strongly recommend Roslyn as a skilled and inspired cover artist and developer.
R. Roderick Rowe
Author of the Paradigm Lost Series


Working with Roslyn on creating my book cover has been nothing more than amazing. Roz is engaging from the very beginning. You will soon discover that this is her passion, her call in life. Attentive, inviting in the discovery of the book design that you couldn’t ever imagine. She will bring your ideas from low resolution to full force 6K high definition! Tell her your ideas, explain your storyline and Roz will work with you until that moment were you are so pleased that you are speechless and blushing with excitement and praise! This very moment of discovery will empower you to write that story that will match the book cover she created just for you!

Matthew Tolleth
Author of Surgency


Roslyn created the cover of my third novel, Surface Tension, and polished the cover of my first novel so that it would blend in with covers for my other books. As we spoke about the story in Surface Tension, Roslyn quickly came up with a beautiful and polished cover that incorporated the three key aspects of the story. She was a pleasure to work with!
 – Laurel J. Standley, author






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