Available Pre-Made Designs

As they are made and become available, this page will showcase cover design images that are available for minor customization and purchase.

Don’t worry, once a design is used it’s removed. Roslyn will never use the same image twice for the authors she works with.


For titles and design inquiries by Roslyn McFarland – FarLandsPub @ gmail dot com


Romanesque Sword : Front Cover Design – $50

Urban Vikings : Front Cover Design – $50

Sunrise Water Girl : Front Cover Design $50


Crumbling City : Paperback and Ebook cover $75


Seattle Sci Fi-ish : Paperback and Ebook covers $75

Crackle Paint Boat with or without model: Front Cover $50 (Add a different model and adjust the coloring = instant series covers @ $50 each)



Cover and Marketing Material Design