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During the journey to learn how to create the best books she could, Roslyn learned a thing or two about designing book covers and the marketing materials she’d need. She also discovered she had an aptitude for it and more importantly, as more people began to ask for her help on their covers and marketing materials, she found she really enjoyed this alternate form of creating. Her experience with editing for others also grew, as she worked on projects in numerous genres for authors of all experience levels, including NYT bestsellers.

So began Far Lands Publishing.


Cover and Marketing Material Design

Cover Design costs are as follows:

$100 – Ebook cover (includes up to 3 style revisions)

$150  – Print and Ebook covers (includes up to 4 style revisions, small tweaks not counted as a style revision)

$180+ Romance/Erotica covers, depending on number of cover models, based on industry cautions and rules changes in 2015.

Any additional revisions to covers will cost $20 per revision.

It’s important for the author to have a good idea about what they are looking for up front, or the ability to trust in Roslyn’s design aesthetics.


Any potential future price increases WILL NOT affect the pricing of the covers for series already in progress through Far Lands Publishing. Prior to entering the design arena herself, Roslyn saw more than one friend whose cover designer more than tripled their rate for the final book in their series, more often than not putting that potential design out of reach. Morally offended by such practices, and well aware of how important consistency is for the covers in a series, she has sworn to never do that to anyone.


Marketing Materials

These include but are not limited to posters, pop up banners, bookmarks, postcards, etc.

Marketing Materials average $20-75, depending on the project.


Storyline Developmental Editing

What does that mean, you wonder? Basically this includes evaluating the word flow, consistency of details, word usage, and how it all fits into a pleasing (or not) package.  Extensive notes are provided to the author to decide what they’d like to change.


$550 – 100k+ word count

$450 – 80-99k word count

$350 – 50-79k word count

$250 – 25-50k word count

$150 – Under 25k word count


Recommend at least two editing passes, with an author edit in between, plus a final Copy/Line edit  for grammar and punctuation (which Roslyn does NOT do). We all need to know our limits. 🙂


For titles and design inquiries by Roslyn McFarland – FarLandsPub @ gmail dot com




Cover Design Examples

Marketing Material Design Examples

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