No Sea Trilogy

In this book we get to know Doralis (Door-ah-Lee), or Lee, as she prefers to be called.

Very tall, she became the target of a bully at a young age, and has worked to avoid any unwanted attention ever since, as long as she gets in her swimming time. Being in the water is her only love. The problem with that is, she is a really good swimmer. Exceptionally so. And when her coach finds this out, he talks her parents into sending her to an elite training camp in land-locked, Prince George, B.C.. Yes, Canada.

The thing is, it’s hard to keep your head down when you’re six feet and you have to try out for a program only a minimal percentage of the population could even dream about. It’s time for Lee to learn some social skills, and quick.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the flirty hot guys, the horrible Queen B, and the mystery boy with out-of-this-world secrets, all ready to add even more drama to an already complication filled summer.

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Book Two takes us back to Prince George with Lee, where her reunion with Pete does not go exactly as planned.

Still blissfully in love, she ignore some signs that there may be a problem. Then again, she has her BFF there to distract her, as well as a new guy who, despite his physical hotness, gives Lee the creeps. And of course there has to be a mean girl, who is none other than bully number one from Lee’s home town.

Who knows what this summer has in store for her!

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