Color Your Own Story Books – by Gwendalyn Belle & April Bullard

Story by Gwendalyn Belle at the age of 9, and illustrated by Vancouver, WA local April Bullard.

Doodle Duck is a sweet story about learning how to balance your time and activities, and knowing when to tell your friends you’re sorry. As a bonus, the amazing beautiful pages are black and white, just waiting for kids and/or adults to bring them to life with color.

Also now available in French! Soon to be released in Russian, Spanish and Chinese also!



The second book in the series, “Digger Dog”, is a story about being careful when jumping to conclusions. You need to be sure of the facts before you accuse someone of something you don’t like. Another wonderful story by child author Gwendalyn Belle (age 10 when she wrote this), it’s lovely illustrations by April Bullard are also in Black and white and perfect for coloring.

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