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As a mom herself, Roslyn decided to specialized in writing stories that she herself would enjoy (at a young age, and still now, truth be told), which are also clean enough and appropriate for even young Tweens to enjoy. Add in a few life lessons, camouflaged by a good dose of sarcastic humor, and you have a pretty good idea of her writing style.

The journey expanded as Roslyn began designing covers and marketing material for herself, then her author friends, and finally turned this side of her creativity into a part of her overall business. At this time Roslyn has designed covers for children and/or marketing material for most genres, including Children’s, Middle Grade, YA, Suspense, Action Thriller, Mystery, Historical, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and various levels of Romance.

Between her writing, design work, and other toe dips into the publishing world,  Far Lands Publishing was born.

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Book Reviews

Reading this YA fantasy romance is certainly a fine way to spend some quality time at the beach or the pool. The story goes quickly, the main character is likable, and the plot twist is engaging. Roslyn McFarland had done for mermen and mermaids what Stephenie Meyer did for vampires and werewolves.” – William J. Cook on “See No Sea”

“McFarland’s strong, snarky YA voice shines throughout this story of an awkward girl thrown out of her comfort zone and plunged into deep water. Literally. The characters are fun and the read is clean and quick. I loved the fact that it was free of sex and swearing – disturbingly odd for YA books nowadays. The young (and the young at heart) will thoroughly enjoy adventuring alongside Lee. I’m looking forward to the next book!” – awash on “See No Sea”

At almost 35, when I first started reading this book I feared that I was too far out of the targeted age range and wouldn’t enjoy the book. I’ve never been so glad to be proven wrong! By chapter 3 I was hooked, to the point where I did nothing else the rest of the day. It is probably pretty obvious from the cover that this tale features Mermen (and maids). I loved Rosyln’s unique spin on the classic ‘Little Mermaid’ story.– Madison Keller on “See No Sea”

Really great book. Easy read. I enjoyed it as did my preteen kids. Great story line and character development. Easy to get into the book and hard to put down. Highly recommend.– CLopez on “See No Sea”

Usually do not read this genre – only on rare occasion–however I met the author at an event and was intrigued by her and the books. I started reading the book and could not put it down–talk about being swept up in a tidal wave…teenage angst, realistic situations and emotions mixed with a fantasy adventure that takes the young heroine to an interesting new world under the sea where she discovers love, acceptance and family secrets. This is really a book for any age if you enjoy positive stories and fascinating adventures and even better, it’s a series. Can’t wait for more! – Anna Brentwoon on “Hear No Sea”

“Loved, loved, loved this story! Great, engaging characters, fantastic dialogue that had me laughing and crying, and awesome alien creatures that fascinated and thrilled me. A great novella set within the Paradisi Chronicles universe, and a wonderful read for lovers of scifi, YA, and romance–particularly all three!” – Cheri D. Lasota on “Light the Way”

Clean, fun YA romance with a SF backdrop. Easy to read, great characters. Can’t wait for the next in the series!– Macejackal on “Light the Way”

This short story was fun, creepy, and suspenseful all at once, and kept my interest all the way through. Can’t wait for more from this author!!– Auburn on “Soldier Boy”




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